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Communication with Parents

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Woodside Primary School uses Classdojo to communicate with our parents.

This is an app that can be downloaded onto your phone, iPad or home computer.  Parents can message teachers and the office easily.  The school also uses the app to remind parents of important dates and upcoming activities happening at the school. 

  • YouTube

Woodside Primary School uses a video format on youtube to communicate fortnightly newsletters to parents. 

The students are heavily involved in the production of the newsletters and are always very proud of the results.  

Privacy Collection Notice

Become Involved

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Woodside Primary School has a very strong and active Parents & Friends Club that do an amazing job helping out the school and fundraising during the year. 

Regular fundraisers such as Hot Lunches, Easter & Christmas raffles are a great support to the school. The P&F Club use funds raised to subsidise things like transport to excursions and purchasing of equipment that all students benefit from. 

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School Council plays a key role in all Victorian Government Schools.  Participating as a school council member is a rewarding experience.  The school council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.   School council comprises of elected parents and teachers and they meet up twice a term.  Woodside PS school council is made up of 6 elected Non-DET parents and 2 DET employees including the Principal.  

School Bank Details

BSB 633 000

Account 164642118

Parent payments

Under the Department of Education and Training’s Parent Payments Policy, Victorian government schools are required to provide transparent information to their school community on voluntary parent/carer contributions.
The following document outlines the voluntary parent/carer contributions at our school:

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