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About our School

A word from the Principal

I would like to welcome you to Woodside Primary School.  This website has been put together to provide you with an understanding of the programs we offer at Woodside Primary School.  You will see how our core beliefs and values underpin all we do. 


At Woodside Primary School, students receive so much more than an ordinary education.  We pride ourselves in creating a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and

promotes growth both academically and personally.  Students and families are also welcomed into a dynamic and supportive community.

Woodside is a proud rural school and provides all of the opportunities and resources of larger schools along with the benefits that smaller class sizes and better access to learning aids bring.

  • Maintaining strong academic results.  

  • Excellent facilities

  • Enviable Instrumental Program

  • Innovative use of technology

  • Active Parents & Friends Club

  • Fun and Educational Camp Program

  • Dedicated staff

  • Happy and engaged students

Browse through our website as we showcase the many and varied activities children at Woodside Primary School enjoy.  Please do not hesitate to call at any time to arrange a personal tour.  


Daniel Phelps

wps values.jpg

Our Vision and Values

At Woodside Primary School we:

  • Make every effort our best effort

  • Achieve above average academic results

  • Are honest in our words and actions

  • Are active participants in the community

  • Always accountable for our own actions

  • Embrace our role in caring for others


School Buildings, Grounds & Facilities

Buildings & Classrooms

WPSSchool Front.jpg

All classrooms are under one roof following the building of a new school in 2010. This versatile learning space has allowed Woodside to run innovative programs such as our numeracy program. The open plan school building has three spacious classrooms and a central learning area.  Solar Panels installed on the roof mean no power bills for us.

School Grounds


Set on two hectares of immacutely maintained grounds, children are able to play either on a pristine oval, basketball court, play equipment, sand pit or grassed and paved areas. Large shade cloth structures cover the sand pit and play equipment area.  A productive vegetable garden and chooks are tended by the students

Heritage Building

heritage Building2.jpg


In addition to our main building our heritage building houses our instrumental program and art room. This building had extensive renovations in 2011. Built in the 1920’s we have been assured it will last another one hundred years. Another building is utilised for our extensive library. Here children enjoy a quiet place to read and be read to

Community Hall

Community Hall1.jpg

The school is also fortunate in having use of the Community Hall just over the road for PMP, school concerts and other school community gatherings.  


A brief history of Woodside
Primary School

Woodside PS History 1902.jpg
Woodside PS History 1938.jpg
Woodside PS History 1937.jpg

Following the recommendation of District Inspector Topp, Woodside Primary No. 1176 was established 1st January, 1873.  This date is also the same date as the establishment of the Education Department in Victoria.  On the same date an earlier school (Rural School 130 Woodside) was struck off the rolls. This earlier school opened in November 1871 and was run by Edward Fry and his wife.
The oldest surviving building at Woodside P.S. dates back to the early part of last century.  This beautiful building is now used for Visual Art and Instrumental Music with a seperate section housing the School Library. The building is owned and maintained by the school.
In 1909 Woodside was operated half time with Darriman West School No. 3070.  In past days there were many schools such as Darriman West but sadly most have closed due to changing population trends. The building of our new school has been another milestone in our great history

Woodside PS History 1965.jpg
Woodside PS History 1964.jpg
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